Exhibition’s Theme

Knowledge is Light

The story of the slogan of the upcoming Doha International Book Fair reflects on the Islamic tradition emphasizing learning all the way from the beginning of creation to God commanding Prophet Mohammed to read and making people into tribes and communities so that they may interact and learn from one another. God says: “Are those who know equal to those who do not know?” Surah 39 Az-Zumar, Ayat 9.

The Doha International Book Fair 2022 will be held to showcase the human journey of exploration and learning. The exhibition will introduce the latest and most recent publications that reflect human’s creative and reflective knowledge across all fields. That is, the Fair offers a window of knowledge to researchers, innovators, scientists, and writers to develop societies and improve lives.

Knowledge is the best tool to overcome challenges from ancient times to the present. The exhibition will be especially important to raising awareness among the younger generations.

Since the progress of humanity depends on the extent of the knowledge they have, the Book Fair is an opportunity to improve and build on this knowledge, which calls for a continuous review of human perceptions. This knowledge is a light that illuminates humanity’s path with confidence and success on the way towards an uncertain future.