Main Theater

The main theater specializes in cultural events, which are held on the stage, namely the book exhibition, which will host various events in two periods: morning session, from 9.30am to 2pm and evening session from the 4pm to 10pm. It is noteworthy that Fridays will only have evening sessions. The cultural events will also include theatrical performances, the “Will you then think, won’t you?” Contest for children, seminars, readings, poetry and lectures.  Important celebrations will also be included in the events such as inaugurating some projects related to the spirit of the book fair, and launching the new identity and membership of the Authors Forum. Inauguration of some new publications issued by authors and official bodies supporting the book industry in Qatar.

Baraem Play

It is a show presented by the Baraem TV Channel which is affiliated to Bein Sports. The duration of each show is about 35 minutes, and these entertainment shows include stories and interactive dialogues with the audience with educational meanings through the famous personalities in Baraem TV and Jeem TV.

Training Workshops

The training workshop program includes (13) workshops that range from the field of education and self-development to the field of reading and developing writing and language skills, among others. These training workshops include: “The Foundations for Building National Identity” workshop, “The Personal Planning” workshop, the “Hi-Tec Generation” workshop,

as well as a workshop on volunteer work (volunteering: Planting and Harvesting) and another workshop on “Thinking toward Change”. This schedule also includes workshops entitled “My child .. Does not Read.. Read!”, “How to Choose Quality Books for Children”, “Useful Reading”, “The Art of Conversing”, in addition to two workshops dedicated to developing Arabic language skills entitled “Basics of Grammar” and ” Social Media and Linguistic Errors. ” in addition to the “Big Dream” and “Human Paste” workshops.

Children’s training workshops

In these training workshop events, families are involved with children, for the first time, in an interactive activity that enhances the value of educational teamwork in an entertaining way. This section includes a number of workshops that enhance the value of reading and develop writing skills among children and young adults. These workshops include “The Magic of Writing” and “Read with Me Interactively”, “Let’s Read”, “Let’s Write”, and “Read with Mariam” workshop where the storyteller excels in narrating ancient stories daily, in an interactive pictorial

form, in addition to the “Book Breaks” and “Future Writers” workshop as well as a language-learning workshop. Other workshops that foster innovative sense will be provided to children and visitors to the exhibition. These workshops deal with how to make dolls and make and draw famous figures of popular stories for children. A workshop that promotes scientific research is scheduled through the presentation of distinguished research on the National Day, winner of the support competition, and a workshop on “How to make our children keen on Science.” These workshops evoke the awareness side through the Police College workshop on traffic and road education, and a workshop on the importance of protecting intellectual property for children in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Economy, as well as a workshop on how blind people can deal with books using modern devices in this field. This workshop co-occurs with an exhibition on the tools used by the blind in their public and private lives.


Qatar School Events

The Qatar School events include a range of diverse programs and activities, which combine the field of theater, acting and drawing,  and which include: The activity of the morning and evening queues and the “Baraem” channel, which provides a daily interactive educational show, including the activity entitled “Our Children on the Stage” with the participation of theater teams from schools, the “Children’s Theater” and the “Puppet Space” provided by the Center for Theater Affairs, in addition to “Elias and the Duck” show that combines acting and coloring.  Qatar School events also include artistic and educational activities related to drawing and storytelling, bearing meanings and educational values. In addition to an activity about sports and their role in children’s lives, using modern technological devices.