Book Discussion | Gesture and Sign : Non-verbal communication in the Qatari Culture.


  • 1:00 pm


    The Qatar University Press will participate in a discussion on a book entitled: Gesture and Sign: Non-verbal communication in the Qatari Culture. The author of the book will address the following themes during an open session with the public: 1. Why did you choose to write about this topic? 2. Why did you choose Qatar as a model? 3. How important is the book in general? 4. What is the significance of this book for Qatar, as a country with a large number of expatriates? 5. How does this book preserve immovable cultural heritage in Qatar? 6. How does this book enhance individual identity and sense of belonging to his/her country? 7. Are there works similar to this book in Arab and Western cultures? 8. Who is the target audience of this book? 9. How can we utilize this book in social relations/drama..? 10. What are the steps you have taken to write this book? 11. Which obstacles did you encounter as an author in completing this book? 12. Are there differences between gestures and signs in Qatar? 13. Who is the closest country to Qatar at the level of gestures and signs? 14. Are there particular populations who communicate with signs more than others? 15. What are the stimuli for sign communication? 16. Is there a difference between non-verbal communication and body language? 17. How did you verify the gestures and signs you mentioned in the book? 18. Can cultures borrow gestures and signs from each other? 19. Are there any contradictions at the level of gestures and signs between cultures? 20. Are there any similarities in gestures and signs employed by different cultures? 21. Can gestures or signs vanish? 22. What are the specificities of dress code themes?